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The Sapulpa Genealogy Club (SGC) was formed in 2009. SGC was started as a project club by an OHCE member. The first meeting was a workshop to see if there would be any interest in a genealogy club. At the workshop volunteers were taken for officers. The second meeting was on February 3,2009 where officers were submitted for approval.

Sponsored By OHCE

Oklahoma Home and Community Education Emblem
The emblem is a circle suggesting the continuity of life in our state, out homes, and out community education. The single candle symbolizes the unity of goals and purposes of our organization. The candle emphasizes the saying "it is better to light just one little candle" and through unity light the world. The edge of the seal has 77 bites of light between the cogs representing all the counties of Oklahoma. This all forms a work wheel that our members have put their shoulders against and thus turns our world into a better society. Standing behind the candle is our great state of Oklahoma.


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Sapulpa Geneology Club
Home Extension Office - Meeting Room
Creek County Fairgrounds
17806 W. Hwy. 66
Kellyville, Ok 74039